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  • We are ready to listen, to meet, and to offer you a customized technological solution and guarantee the correct execution…because marketing innovation is our passion.

    Let us guide you. We will take you straight to the heart of your consumers.
  • The ideal gift for everyone: family, friends, employees, colleagues, clients…gift cards are practical, advantageous, and always appreciated. Find them online or at major retailers.
    With gift cards you will always give the biggest brands.
  • Our promotional and incentive strategies are the ideal solutions for companies that intend to establish a lasting relationship with their employees, suppliers, customers, and partners.
    Because a satisfied partner is faithful a partner.
Welcome to Epipoli, from the Greek word epi-polis, is one of the 5 neighborhoods in the high part of the city Siracusa and evokes a set of values that leads us back to the innovative spirit and discovery of Archimedia, back to the organizational model and advanced ancient civilizations, to their own vision of the fortress on the high city. All of this is reflected in Epipoli, through a significant and continuous investment in Research and Development, has implemented the most innovative marketing mix models. This, combined with the most advanced technological solutions, has led to the invention of Relationship marketing.

“We speak to the hearts of clients to arouse emotion and passion, because a purchase can lead to a lasting relationship.”

Gaetano Giannetto - CEO


Back in 2004 we started talking about Relationship Management, which is understood as the evolution of loyalty programs...

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Our commitment to innovation and retail is confirmed by the development of the GIFT CARD SYSTEM, a project that ...

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In an environment where gaining trust and consumer loyalty is so challenging, it becomes even more important to offer true added value…

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In a market where consumers are more demanding and informed than ever, while at the same time being erratic and less...

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If you are looking for a partner that:

  1. Has extensive international experience in relationship marketing…
  2. how to listen and grasp every detail, even the most hidden
  3. Like you, believes that the relationship with the customer is the most important factor in business
  4. Offers innovative solutions to learn about, retain, and reward your customers
  5. Pursues strategic innovation based on concrete inputs
  6. Knows how to make you unique compared to your competitors
  7. Responds with certainty to all of your doubts
For these reasons, and so much more, you should choose us.


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