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Epipoli Charity Card: the new way to make donations

Epipoli Charity Card: the new way to make donations


Epipoli is the leader in the Italian market in the development and distribution of gift cards and pre-paid cards. These cards allow consumers to purchase goods and services that, in the past, have been absent in major retailers. Included amongst these goods and services are travel and weekends, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, on-line credits, phone cards, and much more.

The growth and development of the gift card category has driven Epipoli to explore new frontiers and new formats such as the gift box. Gift Boxes offer a wide range of activities to choose from based upon one’s interests such as sports, adventure, wealth, culture, or gourmet.

Epipoli has maintained an attentive eye to social issues by creating the Charity Card. Epipoli is able to offer new and important outlets and fund raising opportunities to charities: major Italian supermarkets and hypermarkets.

These special cards can be conceived as a gift and are often linked to being a nice gesture. And because this gesture involves two separate parties – the purchaser and the receiver – the goodwill benefit is doubled.

The innovative project that has paved the way of doing charity is the charity card Donazione Oncologia Ca’Granda Onlus Fondazione. It’s a €5 card donated to the non-profit organization for assistance and research therapy for cancer patients at the hospital Niguarda Ca’Granda of Milan.

In the form of a tiny bag this charity card contains aromatic and medicinal seeds, a welcomed thought for those who receive it. The bag contains the following seeds: Salvia officinalis, Ocimum basilicum, Thymus vulgaris, and Eruca sativa.

banco_alimentare_200After receiving such a positive reception from this project Epipoli is now working to collaborate with the FondazioneBanco Alimentare Onlus to design and distribute a new charity card called “Quanta Dolcezza in un Dono.” The €5 value of the card is donated to the foundation which is responsible for collecting and distributing food to charitable organizations that help the poor in Italy. In line with the other charity card, this one also provides a small present consisting of a packet of chocolate donated by Nestlé Perugina.

AGIREfronte_stampaIn certain situations Epipoli executed temporary projects which put the company in a position where core business functions were set aside in order to respond to the demands of the market. This is the case with the “Haiti Emergency Charity Card,” done in collaboration with  l’Associazione Agire Onlus. They bring together several non-profit organizations to help hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims in Haiti by providing food, water, healthcare, construction, counseling, and long-term restoration projects.

Recently Epipoli has re-affirmed our belief in social issues through the “Regali per la vita” project with UNICEF.

For UNICEF, Epipoli created and distributed three different value charity cards (€6.50, €8, €11) which allow the donation of one of the following: 30 doses of measles vaccine, 21 packages of food for malnourished children, or 6 packages of therapeutic milk.

Via the UNICEF website the beneficiary of the charity card has the possibility of knowing what country and for which association the donation will be used for.

In this case the gift connected to the charity card is a magnet.  

Another example of the watchful eye we have to major global events is the gift card “Santo Subito!” This card, done on exceptionally short notice, is a tribute to the beloved Pope John Paul II in honor of his beatification in Rome on May 1st.

“Santo Subito” is a multimedia work developed by CEI and produced by Universal. The story is essential for Catholics given it illustrates the way of life that has brought Karol Wojtyla to sainthood. It can also be useful for non-Catholics, those interested in an experience of wisdom and compassion exemplified by one of the greatest spiritual leaders and communicators of our time. The work consists of 10 video clips lasting a total of 60 minutes and contains some of the most significant and moving speeches from John Paul II (done in the original voice through a license by Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center) as well as two hymns and some prayers arranged to music.

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