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About us

About Us

Epipoli was founded in 2000 by a team of senior managers who have worked at the highest levels with leading international companies in industries such as retail, project management, market research, marketing consulting, and technology solutions.

We develop technology and marketing solutions aimed at developing customer relationship marketing models from a one-to-one marketing perspective, starting with the structure of the platform to its implementation and up to the point-of-sale.

In order to effectively implement loyalty and relationship marketing strategies we have developed an innovative platform that combines technology and marketing. This transforms customer relationship management into a dynamic business.

Through this process we have implemented a vertical integrated offering of all the components that make up the relationship marketing chain. These components include the marketing strategy, customer loyalty, development of the technology platform via the web, co-marketing activities, information management, and circulation data.

Additionally, we work with major international information technology companies such as Oracle, Business Objects, Microstrategy, and SAS. In terms of our e-payment projects we have a strong partnership with SIA SSB (main processor of the Italian market).
We are also registered and protected by European patent for the following product:
  • Quota network™ – evolution of the concept of market share
  • ESPM™ (Epipoli Store Performance Management) – system that allows you to overcome the concept of the statistical panel and instead draws directly from actual sales data
  • Consumption metacard™ – a co-marketing management system
  • Consumption genome™ – a consumption profiling system
  • Consumer genome™ – a consumer profiling system
  • Gordio™ – system that allows for the development of micro-marketing programs and in-store promotions
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Our Expertise

Through our 6 areas of fully integrated expertise, Epipoli has built a model of solutions that cover the entire relationship marketing process:

Customer Relationship Management: consists of a process that combines marketing expertise with the most advanced technologies to help companies implement effective programs and analyze return-on-investment.

Gift Card: is represented by an integrated system consisting of the main enterprises of national and international distribution by which Epipoli has allocated a display with over 200 offerings of products and services from third parties.

Card Production: through a production center among the most efficient in Europe, we are able to make different types of cards and support materials depending on the needs of the client. From standard and non-standard format size cards, cards with special visual effects, and cards made with biodegradable materials for clients who pay attention to the environmental impact of its products – Epipoli can meet the needs of all clients.

Promo Incentive: our promotion and incentive programs offer true added value to your suppliers, clients, employees, and all those involved with your business. These programs tell others that you are the best partners to work with and the best company to work for.

Marketing Research: the strength of our market research is in the method of data collection because we utilize loyalty card data, which is more accurate and precise than the traditional consumer panel. This allows companies to make more targeted and effective offers.

MyEvents: we offer 25 years of experience in organizing events, conferences, road shows, and trade fairs. We can help with any kind of meeting throughout any phase from concept and design to the implementation. Our innovation, attention to detail, and our ability to manage risk will play key roles in the success of your meeting.


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