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Data Modelling

Why Innovation

In a market where consumers are more demanding and informed (and less predictable and faithful) Epipoli offers companies a new family of analytical models based on consumer databases.

Our starting point is often characterized by loyalty card data and consumer club data.

We have established relationships with some of the most important retailers to manage loyalty card data, a more precise and accurate method as compared to the traditional consumer-based panel method. Loyalty card data allows you to provide advanced model analysis that combines retailer scanner data and loyalty card transactions. This approach measures the actual performance of products, the category(s), and multiple marketing mix elements. It provides a deeper dive into the product and category dynamics beyond the projected logic-based consumer panel.

The models developed for utility companies and banks allow our clients to better understand purchase dynamics, churn, and ARPU. They also put our clients in a position to build a sales network targeted on actual consumer purchase behavior.


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