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Objective and Approach

Objective and Approach

Through the use of sophisticated informational tools and a wealth of expertise gained in the marketplace, we help clients learn more about:

  • Consumers
  • Marketplace
  • Marketing mix

Better understanding these elements, as well as embracing a more targeted marketing approach, helps our clients achieve their business objectives more efficiently..

Our research and marketing analysis is based on an unbiased and measurable working model which allows you to effectively focus on the objectives, whether this includes analyzing consumer purchase behavior to better profile target consumers or monitor the effectiveness of the current product offering and promotions.

Our approach is continuous and complete, we guide our clients throughout all phases of development:

  • Analysis of data sources
  • Analysis of project objectives
  • Software selection
  • Creation of the reporting and statistical analysis
  • Interpretation and implication of results 

Classical statistical and next generation analytical techniques (i.e. data mining, expert systems, neural networks), combined with the ability to manage large databases using the latest technology, makes Epipoli a reliable partner to develop quantitative and qualitative consumer research down to the daily per store data transaction.


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