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Why Innovation

Back in 2004 we started talking about Relationship Management, which is understood as the evolution of loyalty programs. We were very much aware of the fact that we were being faced with a change in the company/customer dynamic. Gone is the era of unconditional brand loyalty given the saturated and complex nature of the market. The market was full of untapped potential for those companies that wanted to distinguish themselves from others and offer their consumers real added value.

For this reason we took a look around, we listened to the market and observed the international trends. We preferred to outline our way to marketing innovation, we knew our customer oriented strategies would soon be rewarded.

Armed with these assumptions we have:

  • Executed the most important Italian Loyalty Program (among the top 5 in Europe) for Coop Italia involving about 8 million consumers
  • Implemented with Carrefour the first project in continental Europe evaluating store level data, loyalty card data, and transactional data (ESPM patenting™ – Genome Consumer™ – Genome Consumption™)
  • In conjunction with Conad and the University of Parma, developed the first European project tracking in-store consumer behavior to create micromarketing activities (Gordio™)
  • Planned, designed, and put into operation the first innovative store built for the betterment of employee lives, which was  a joint partnership with FIAT and the Mirafiori Club
  • Designed, implemented, and managed the CRM and loyalty program for Toys Center, the most important Italian toy and family merchandise chain

Interview to Gaetano Giannetto – TG5 


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