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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Many years ago the merchant from Milan, selling Limoncello of Capri out of an old wood shop, knew how to anticipate the taste of his customers.

Can we rediscover the customer intimacy from these old artisan shops?

Can we identify coherent and effective strategies that help build a more consistent dialogue with the consumer by just analyzing characteristic differences and new consumer needs?

The answer lies in consumer loyalty. This strategic objective is not common and immediate, it involves listening and constantly observing consumer behavior in order to understand their needs and implement actions to meet those needs. This is the reason why consumer satisfaction is always one of the main goals of any Customer Relationship Management strategy.

Combining marketing expertise with the most advanced technology, we walk side-by-side with our customers from the design stages to the creation of a value relationship with their customers, all the way through to the analytical verification of the return on investment.

The professional and methodological approach to a successful CRM program must be:

  • Precise and flexible
  • Adaptable, which depends on the values, needs, and desired goals
  • Able to integrate pure marketing inputs with technological inputs
  • Innovative and distinctive
  • Complete during the implementation phase, which is a 360 degree turn-key design from the beginning of the planning phase to the start of the operation phase

Does she betray you?

The new consumer knows how to betray you. To regain her loyalty you must know her, understand her, and seduce her. To do this you must establish a direct dialogue with her. This is a problem every company has. Epipoli offers a solution with research, analysis, and the most innovative Relationship Management solutions which can ignite consumer passion and create valuable relationships with you consumers. Nobody will ever betray you again.


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