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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Distinguishing yourself to make a difference, this is the pursued objective for any company operating in the CRM environment. But how? The exclusivity of a loyalty program is easily measured by the perception that has the final consumer benefiting from the program.

A Real Case of Differentiation

Speaking of uniqueness and differentiation from the competition, Italmark chose Epipoli to collaborate on the design, development, and management of the innovative Coalition Program. This is truly an example of a successful joint effort offering real benefits to consumers. As stated in an article about the scenario of loyalty programs, which appeared in the October/November 2011 issue of Promotion magazine, “The only significantly new development has been that of the group Italmark. The company from Brescia, associated with the Sun Group, has created a coalition program with its first loyalty catalog, opening it to all banners within the group under the umbrella of the Nimis Card: Italmark (supermarkets and hypermarkets), Sportland (sports apparel), Stilnovo (gifts and housewares), Dew (perfume), Supermedia (consumer electronics), and Ecobrico (do-it-yourself).” 


Subscription Card

The client application form represents the customer’s authorization to participate in the loyalty program. Our contribution to companies that are preparing to establish a direct relationship with their consumers ranges from the development of the graphic design and marketing services to the administrative/legal advice on consumer privacy and the printing of the actual subscription forms.

Data Entry

Our contribution to the loyalty programs of our customers continues even in the delicate and crucial data entry activity of consumer personal data, which is reported on the application form. The data, which is rearranged, will populate the Customer Data Base with information for subsequent relationship marketing activities.


The main actions of data entry are:

  •  Acquisition and storage of data and images through the scanning of documents
  • Construction and management of the customer database
  • Data normalization
  • Rationalization, rehabilitation, and maintenance of consumer personal data
  • Storage consultation in a local network, on CD, and through a remote internet/intranet  

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards have always been a point of contact between companies and consumers. However, if not handled carefully, loyalty card programs can become very expensive and cost companies valuable resources. Without interpretive and analytical models, and without the ability to analyze consumer data, the loyalty card is nothing more than an antiquated system incapable of building consumer relationships.



 We produce the cards and develop the materials at our production sites using the most up-to-date machinery and certified operational processes, all while maintaining a competitive price.

The creative and communication team supports companies in the development of the graphics and with various marketing services related activities.


Never before has it been more necessary to support sales through targeted promotional tactics as it is today. We have the ability to organize and implement sweepstakes, even those of a brief duration, while managing all aspects of the process. From the mechanics, creative, and communication to the logistics management of the prizes we can help throughout the entire process.

Through agreements with multiple brands and prestigious designers we execute evaluations on the design and composition of reward catalogues, which can be a very attractive marketing tool if done correctly and offering the right products and services.

We offer our customers a catalog with products of unquestionable quality and added value, products that are difficult to find on the shelves of major retailers. Enriched with Epipoli Gift Cards, the new frontier of rewarding that eliminates logistical costs, we are finding they help build a strong sense of belonging to the brand of the promoted company.


We also organize various types of contests, managing all aspects of the process from the design and mechanics to the communication and logistics. There have been many different types of contests that we’ve managed, ranging from the classic telephone, artistic, and in-store varieties to the more modern kinds using the web and social networking. Every company starts with the objective to reach a large number of consumers while covering their initial investment, which varies depending on client needs and resources.

The goal that we set for ourselves in organizing a contest starts with an increase in sales and moves to cross-selling and brand awareness. Additionally we look to enrich the client’s consumer database which can be used for consumer profiling and direct marketing activities. 



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