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Technological Solutions

Technological Solutions

The ELRP Platform

We’ve developed an innovative platform that combines technology and marketing, which transforms Customer Relationship Management into a dynamic business.

The ELRP solution, or Epipoli Loyalty & Rewarding Program, allows you to execute all the marketing efforts that look to maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

The platform is characterized by a modular structure that integrates and adapts to the individual needs of a company. The main objective of the ELRP platform is to preserve the autonomy of each member, while at the same time integrating it within a unique environment at the main office of the company.

Our platform allows you to:

  1. Acquire customer information
  2. Profile customers and develop knowledge on purchase dynamics
  3. Implement tactical and strategic marketing campaigns using multiple communication channels (store, text messages, email, etc.)
  4. Check consumer reaction in response to marketing stimuli


Web Platform

We have also developed our own web platform for the management of loyalty programs. This platform connects the loyalty program to the physical world and integrates it with the company’s corporate website.

Strong points:

  • Integrated management of the entire relationship process with consumers, from the first point of contact (possibly online registration) to subsequent interactions through a multi-channel system that extends from a dedicated site to…Personalized reporting for company clients and analysis of results
    • communication via text messaging
    • email via the help desk
    • ticket management
    • requesting gifts online
    • prize fulfillment verification
  • Management of all back-office activities with direct system access which enables the viewing of all relevant areas of the program
  • Total traceability and accuracy for each activity
  • Easily integrated with applications for specific functionality


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