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Card Production

Why Innovation

The plastic card market is always in search of innovation, something that impresses, anything that makes a difference. The size and shape of a standard plastic card is sometimes very limiting in a flexible and dynamic world because they can’t guarantee differentiation from the competition.

Through our production facility these limits are easily exceeded. It is now possible to design innovative marketing campaigns that are supported by various card shapes, which helps increase brand awareness and gain well-defined recognition amongst its competitors.

To add further value to the card we can also provide customized services such as special printing, customized packaging, fulfillment, mailing, and much more.


Cards are the main characters of many everyday actions. They are a means by which you can:

  • obtain special advantages
  • accumulate points and claim rewards
  • re-charge your cell phone
  • make purchases
  • use as a means of transport
  • access entertainment
  • give a gift (Gift Card)



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