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Pre-Paid MasterCard

Pre-Paid MasterCard

With the view that internationalization is continuously growing we have designed, developed, and distributed the newest pre-paid card in conjunction with MasterCard. This is the first time a pre-paid MasterCard can be purchased at major retailers in continental Europe.

Epipoli Pre-Paid MasterCard

The Epipoli Pre-Paid MasterCard is a non-rechargeable, fixed value card (€25, €50, €100) that can be used for online purchases or in the more than 32 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard. The Epipoli Pre-Paid MasterCard is an innovative product that allows the recipient to use it for a number of occasions from daily shopping at the supermarket to shopping online or in department stores. The card fits comfortably in your wallet and allows you to carry a sum of money without having cash in your pocket.

Virtual MasterCard for online purchases

The virtual MasterCard is a non-rechargeable, fixed value card (€25, €50, €100) that can be used for online purchases. This card is very similar to a voucher meant exclusively for internet purchases on sites that accept MasterCard.

Benefits of the pre-paid MasterCard

  • Quick and easy to get, they can be purchased in stores just as you would normal products
  • Personal information is not required to purchase or use the cards
  • Perfect solution for those who don’t have a bank account such as young people, students, or those who have no steady income
  • Can be used for any occasion while shopping online, at the supermarket, or at department stores so long as the merchant accepts MasterCard
  • The pre-paid nature of the card allows for greater control over the expenditure incurred
  • Allow you to make internet purchases with ease


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