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The Distribution

The Distribution

We have become the leader in the gift card market here in Continental Europe. The key has been blending the perfect mix of major gift card brands and large retail banners. This has given the most popular brands here in Italy and internationally an opportunity to have guaranteed awareness in the most important banners of major Italian retailers. The network includes retailers such as Auchan, Cadoro, Carrefour, Chef Express, Cogetech, Conforama, Consorzio Europa, Esselunga, Il Gigante, Iper la grande i, Ipercarni, Italmark, La Feltrinelli, Magazzini Gabrielli, Mediaworld, Mondadori Retail, Pam, Panorama, Selex Famila, SGM Marco Polo Expert, Saturn, Sisa, Stroili Oro, Supermedia, Tigros, Toys Center, Trony, Unieuro. Many others have shown interest and are willing to join. 


Retailer Benefits
As of today there are many retailers who have realized what the introduction of gift cards can offer in terms of:

  • Widening the assortment of goods and services offered with products that are not usually sold
  • Characterizing and renewing the offer 
  • Increasing consumer loyalty
  • Introducing products and services that are not cost prohibitive to other operations within the store


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