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Banner Gift Cards

Banner Gift Cards

Banner gift cards are cards that have the brand of the issuing chain on them. The cards can be of a fixed or free amount but can also be recharged. These cards can be used only at that specific banner or for the purchase of certain products or brands.

giftcard_insegnaBanner gift cards can also be used for promotional activity and as a means of providing credit for exchanged or returned merchandise.

Banner gift card e-commerce capability renders bricks and mortar retail locations somewhat expendable. Gift cards represent an extraordinary communication vehicle that travels within the wallets of consumers.

Advantages of Banner Gift Cards

  • Exemplify a desired gift idea
  • Can be customized according to many special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and weddings
  • Consumers perceive banner gift cards like cash, when redeemed in-store consumers typically spend 70% more than the face value of the gift card
  • The cards have a high value of loyalty, often times consumers redeem gift cards at a retailer they’ve never visited before. Of these consumers about a third of them tend to return to the same retailer


Promotional Dynamics

Because of an agreement with the world leader of banner gift cards, we are now able to offer a suite of solutions that drives consumer behavior and supports well-structured promotional activities. These promotions are structured in a dynamic way and have a positive impact on:

  • Store traffic
  • Sales
  • Product awareness
  • Average spend
  • Trips

Our promotional programs have:

  • Seen a 35% average redemption rate
  • Generated nearly $1 billion in sales
  • Drove over 20 million return visits
  • Experienced an average response time of 8 days

They are particularly suited to promote new store openings with the distribution of a card that gives tangible benefits to its recipients. In addition to the store there are multiple distribution channels available such as the mail, web, and mobile phones.

We currently implement a multitude of programs like:

  • Rewards
  • Bounce Backs
  • Events/Locations
  • New Product Launches
  • In Store Discounts
  • Sweepstakes
  • Target Marketing
  • Matching Funds

Why do customers prefer Dynamic Promotions?

  • Predictable and measurable results
  • Accurate system controls
  • POS changes are not required
  • Easy on administrative staff

Why do consumers respond well to Dynamic Promotions?

  • Consumers prefer plastic cards
  • These programs are innovative and perceived to be high in value
  • Allow for defined time limits

Watch the video taken from the television show                                                                               “Capitali Coraggiosi” titled “Gift Card: Antidote to the Crisis?


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