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What are Gift Cards?

What are Gift Cards?

Gift Card: just like a card but surprising like a gift

Gift cards are the new way to give a gift. With gift cards everything becomes a gift: travel, weekends, gyms memberships, magazine subscriptions, spa treatments, music, gourmet baskets, dinners, and sporting experiences. Additionally there is opportunity to gift charity, pet care, and home/computer service. The list doesn’t end here because with a gift card every new idea can be transformed into a gift.
Gift Card world  How They Work

Initially without value, gift cards can only be activated after the checkout process or through the Epipoli web platform. 

 How They Appear

Gift cards have different shapes, some are made from cardboard such as phone or pay TV cards. Others take the shape of a credit card or even that of a real box, as is the case with Gift Boxes. Others come in the form of bags with a little surprise inside. Some are yet to be invented: every product and service can have a shape depending on the information and communication needs. 

Gift Card Advantages

  • Consumers can easily buy product categories while they shop in stores or online and then freely choose how to spend them, all while getting a discount or other added benefit
  • Retailers can guide the purchase of categories and products more effectively by eliminating shrinkage and generating incremental sales with attractive margins. The Gift Card Corner transforms into an extremely profitable square meter
  • Sales partners have the opportunity to communicate their offer in non-traditional channels and access aggressive and dynamic marketing models, such as those from major retailers


What are gift cards: watch the television spot from Epipoli


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