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Gift Cards on Mediaset

Gift Card is a phenomenon in exponential growth. This is a consideration that Epipoli made a few years ago. Nowadays this trend is evident to everyone, including the media, who are paying to this phenomenon more and more attention.

It is actually noticeable the desire of giving and receiving Gift Cards instead of the usual gifts, especially in this Christmas season.

Maybe because they represent an original idea, wrapped in colourful packaging and always surprising; or maybe because they are targeted at all prices, ages and tastes: the categories of Gift Cards are ranging from welfare, travel, weekend, to gyms subscription, magazines, music download, dinners, online credits, sports and – why not – charity, which is always appreciated.

If these considerations are added to the fact that Epipoli develops its own Gift Cards collaborating only with major brands, it is immediately clear the reason behind a perfect gift:

  • for those who give, because the prices are great and the gift will be certainly enjoyed
  • for those who receive them, because they can be spent when and where they want to.

It is not a coincidence that each of the larger companies and mass retailers have created their own Gift Card, using them as gifts and incentives for both consumers and employees or partners.

For this good reasons, the most important publications are giving great attention to the Gift Card, as evidenced by the TG5’s TV Report below and by the article readable by clicking the TgCom link.


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