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The New Gift Card Mastercard

Arriving in Feltrinelli the Epipoli Pre-paid MasterCard

The pre-paid cards can be used online and in stores that accept MasterCard throughout the world.

Milan, April 18, 2012Available in three different amounts – €25, €50, and €100 – the Epipoli Pre-paid MasterCard is the new way to gift shopping. The cards allow the recipient to freely choose from any one of the 32 million merchant locations worldwide and online that accept MasterCard.

The cards are perfect for those who want to give money to their children without running the risk of handing over loose cash. The Epipoli Pre-Paid MasterCard is a perfect gift solution for any special occasion including birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.

The Epipoli Pre-Paid MasterCard is a convenient and moderns means of payment for those who prefer not to use their credit cards.

Launched in April in select la Feltrinelli stores, the cards will soon be available throughout many of the major Italian retail chains.

Using the cards are quite easy. Purchase the card at the desired amount and activate using the PIN printed on the receipt. Now they’re ready to be used!
The cards are disposable so they can’t be recharged after exhausting the credit.

Here are some benefits of the Epipoli Pre-paid MasterCard:

  • It’s easy and fast to get, you buy it at the store just as you would a normal product
  • No personal details required when purchasing or using the card
  • A great solution for those without a bank account such as young people, students, or those without steady income
  • It can be used for all of your daily occasions: shopping online, shopping at the supermarket, or shopping at any store that accepts MasterCard
  • Given the amount is fixed in nature the card allows for greater control over the purchase. Fraud risk is significantly reduced for those purchases made online.

The project was executed by Epipoli, the Italian leader in the Gift Card market, bringing to light yet another innovative product.

The credibility of everyone involved in this project guarantees the success of the Epipoli Pre-paid MasterCard in the Italian market.

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