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Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card Arrives in Supermarkets

Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card Arrives in Supermarkets

The gift card can be used online and in stores that accept MasterCard throughout the world.

Milan, October 10, 2011Available in three different denominations – €25, €50, and €100 – the Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card is the perfect gift for parents that want to give their children money without running the risk of handing over loose cash. It also makes the perfect gift for those who want to make internet purchases without using their own credit cards. A good replacement for the traditional envelope with money, the Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card represents a more modern and stylish way of giving the right gift.

Beginning in November 2011 you can purchase this new and revolutionary product in major Italian retailers. Recipients of your gift will have complete freedom in choosing how to spend it.

The project was a collaborative effort combining the proven skills of Epipoli, the Italian leader in the gift card market, along with MasterCard and Store Financial.

This gift card is similar to the other gift cards on the market, once the desired denomination (€25, €50 or €100) has been purchased the card is activated by using the PIN code printed on the receipt. It can be used online and in any of the 32 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard. The Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card is disposable and cannot be recharged once the credit has been exhausted.

Suitable for making gifts of any occasion, the Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card perfectly blends bonus and incentive benefits for employees, partners, or customers.

Some advantages of the Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card are:

  • Fast and easy to get, you can buy it at the supermarket just as you would a normal product
  • You don’t need to disclose personal information during the purchase or use of the card
  • Great solution for those who don’t have a bank account, which lends itself extremely useful for young people and students who can’t get traditional credit cards
  • Can be used for any occasion from making purchases on the internet to going shopping at the supermarket

Given the pre-loaded nature of the card there is greater control over the expenditure and significantly less risk of fraudulent activity when making purchases online.

The credibility, innovative spirit, and commitment of everyone involved in this project guarantees the success of the Epipoli Pre-Paid Gift Card in the Italian market.

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