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Customized Promotions

Customized Promotions

Our expertise in CRM and data analysis allows us to successfully respond to the constant need of innovation on two fronts:

1. Methods of utilized communication

  • SMS / mail campaigns
  • Coupons
  • Loyalty cards
  • In-store digital signage
  • Digital promo-couponing

2. Offering customized services (different in nature and content for various consumer groups)

The intersection of these two fronts generates a real benefit to the consumer.

An example of this would be the different way in which promotions are communicated and how consumer lifestyle groups are analyzed. This is the case for discounts applied to loyalty card data, these are true one-to-one promotions which are based on the careful profiling of consumers.

Our customized promotional approach generates important benefits such as:

  • discounts are less visible to the competition because they are channeled through individual loyalty cards and not directly to the public
  • discounts are more attractive for individual classes of consumers
  • resources are no longer wasted 

The world of promotions and incentives has changed due to enormous technological development, the changing forms of communication, the marketing mix, and the current crisis in the market. 

Choosing Epipoli is a choice that always puts you on the side of innovation.


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