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Dynamic Promotions

Promotional Activities: Dynamic Promotions

Stores and points of sale are usually crowded with traditional promotions, this is why we’ve developed a completely new promotional system that takes full advantage of new technology and allows us to execute different types of promotions:

  • Everyone Winning – All participants win a prize
  • Instant Winning – Participants win immediately
  • Rewarding – Participants win tangible items of highly perceived value at minimum cost to the company

Gift Cards as a way of Rewarding

The added value that we provide, along with the rise in prominence of the gift card on the international level, allows the gift card to be used as a reward for Promotions and Incentives. It represents a tangible value that can be used in many ways depending on the needs of the company.

Our Promotional Gift Card management platform allows us to study flexible promotions based on: 

  • brand
  • specific products from the same brand
  • specific retail banners
  • individual stores from the same retail banner
  • specific periods of time

Our Dynamic Promotions are able to focus on, in one single step, 3 important actions:

    1. Consumer data acquisition
    2. Consumer database clustering
    3. Choosing of the target audience depending on the type of reward and the method of delivery



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