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Promo Incentive Management Platform

Promo Incentive Management Platform

Our platform is:

  • Fully customizable with the look and feel of the company;
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Able to offer companies the possibility to choose amongst multiple prizes and target groups as well as the minimum expense and maximum award to redeem
  • Able to reduce the need to run advance sales of goods and estimated rates of redemption 

Using the platform is simple:

  1. The user connects to the relevant website and enters the promotional code in the box provided
  2. The platform recognizes the type of award and presents the user with a customized rewards catalog
  3. The award can be physical (with shipment to the address given by the client) or Gift Card
  4. After selecting the desired prize the user is directed to fill out personal information in order to obtain the prize (with privacy authorization)

As structured the program will limit logistical and pre-purchase costs!

Whether short or long term, all promotional activity that we’ve launched in the Italian market has been able to generate:

  • Incremental sales
  • Highly perceived user value at a low cost to the company
  • Immediate results and measurable returns

All of these elements help to ensure innovation, efficiency, and a reduction in operating costs.


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