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Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

Our Incentive programs align perfectly with the motivational factors of company business teams. Effectively managing a sales team requires modern tools that encourage a sense of belonging and represent a visible sign of recognition from management and the company. 

Gift Cards are the ideal solution for motivating company business teams, clients, and suppliers because they:

  1. Represent an important motivating factor for the achievement of specific sales goals
  2. Are the most appropriate tool in motivating a sales force to achieve its full potential
  3. Represent a token of gratification
  4. Can be customized based on specific client needs
  5. Have a highly perceived consumer value
  6. Allow for a significant reduction in taxes

* For awards given to employees or representative of the current tax law calls for a €258 tax exemption in which the awards are not subject to taxation and are not accounted for as income of the employee or representative, which ultimately results in savings for the recipients.

Our team of consultants will help you define:

    • Program Objectives – specifying and defining expected outcomes and key elements that help achieve desired results (i.e. alerting the sales force about new products with the goal of increasing sales volume)
    • Audience Selection – restricting the professional profile of the audience until you get to a list of people to include
    • Duration – setting the time-frame in which the incentive program will execute and defining the rules of operation



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