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What are gift cards?

What are gift cards?

Gift cards are the new way of giving a gift.

Basically you pre-purchase a certain amount of a good or service that can be redeemed by those who receive it as a gift. 

It is a true revolution of the gift because:

  1. It simplifies the purchasing process
  2.  You avoid buying unwanted gifts                                                                                                                           
  3.  It allows the recipient to collect the good when desired because gift cards have an expiration date of at least one year

Epipoli has revolutionized the market by introducing an important simplification to the purchasing process. Through agreements with major supermarket chains you can find a variety of gift cards in the supermarket!

From now on if you want to give a gift you don’t have to search everywhere, just make a trip to your local supermarket. If your supermarket has joined the Epipoli initiative you’ll find a display containing dozens and dozens of offers. Now the gift idea is no longer a problem.

Practicality, originality, and convenience – in addition to the ability to increase the value of the gift – make gift cards the perfect gift.

They can also be used as an incentive for employees and customers.

Gift cards are convenient because they facilitate the mass distribution of products and services not normally found on shelves. Gift cards are able to attract a large amount of key consumers who are already pre-disposed to make purchases.

Consumers can buy gift cards in the store and redeem them at major retail outlets from the issuing companies, at other participating locations, or on the internet. Gift cards can be used as a prize to reward consumers participating in loyalty programs or during special promotions throughout the year.

Epipoli successfully launched this new category implementing a technological platform to manage gift cards. We also set up the main business units at major retailers with company products and services not normally found within their own assortments (ie brand clothing, travel, entertainment, and digital games and ringtones). The technological platform enables us to manage telephone (re-charge) card sales and process user payments.

Gift cards are not credit cards, they are cards pre-loaded with value once the consumer has paid for such value (similar to a bank charge card). The platform that manages all Epipoli gift card transactions was developed by SSB, a leading European processor of debit and credit cards. This helps eliminate fraudulent activity.

How does it work?

The company produces cards indicating the face value of the product or service offered. These cards will be free of financial value and will consist of the basic assortment of offerings of products and services at their own stores as well as other major retailers.

The insertion of the gift cards on the shelves of major retailers is handled by Epipoli.

Customers pick their card from the shelf. Through the Epipoli platform and SSB the scanned barcodes are read at the register together with all other purchases. The amount collected is counted and, minus the commission, sent directly into the sales system.

Epipoli has planned and structured a complete offer for the management and supply of the new category in stores, forecasting a number of specific factors including:

  • operational marketing planning
  • graphical study of gift cards
  • gift card production
  • shelf review and analyzation
  • gift card procurement

Epipoli does not run any credit risk or cash-in-advance sales and distributes its products and services throughout an attractive distribution channel.

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