Creare una gift card: distribuzione e reportistica

Create a card with the Gift Card Program: how it works

Create a card with the Gift Card Program: how it works

The creation of a physical or digital gift card is a complex process. Here at the Epipoli Group, backed by international experience with over 200 programs throughout Europe, we assist you throughout each and every step, from card creation to distribution, providing a personalized service designed to meet your every need.

Creating a Gift Card for business: lots of steps, just one program

The Epipoli Group’s gift card program enables all brands to create custom, prepaid gift cards quickly and easily, and you can then manage all phases of the program as it’s implemented, including:

  • Feasibility study and program design
  • Design of the gift card and related materials
  • Development of the technology platform
  • Preparation of the cards and display racks
  • Post-production: distribution, merchandising, and sales analysis

It’s a new process each and every time, because every customer has their own specific needs. This is why there are a great many customization options at each step of the process.

Custom Gift Cards: picked by you, created by Epipoli

Right from the start of card creation, our gift card program enables you to define the card’s design together with a team of industry experts and to determine the main characteristics of the card, which can:

  • have a fixed or variable limit
  • be reloadable or disposable
  • be physical or digital

Hot to make a Gift Card: the technology

Once you’ve decided on the features your card needs to have, you then need to choose the supporting technology. Here, too, flexibility is the key characteristic of Epipoli’s customizable solution.

The front end

HighWays, the Epipoli Group’s proprietary platform, provides three different front ends to choose from based on the needs of your specific business:

  • Cash-register integration
  • Web POS
  • Dedicated POS

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The back end

Our solutions provide full control over your business and over the back-end system, which is a highly flexible, modular online platform accessed via browser that is as complete as it is intuitive.
When you create a gift card, HighWays provides you with a dashboard for the back-end management of all transactions that can be made via the front end, as well as to block and unblock cards.
In this way, your head office can have a complete picture of the transactions made using the cards at participating points of sale, whether physical or digital.
Filters make it easy to search by receipt, transaction date, type of transaction, brand, gift card, and more.

Distribution and channels of use: Private and third-party gift cards

The sale of gift cards at brick-and-mortar points of sale is safe and secure, because activation always takes place by reading the barcode at the register. There are two types of gift cards you can choose from depending on the type of distribution:

  • Private gift cards
    In this case, the gift cards bearing the brand of the retailer issuing them may only be purchased and used at points of sale or on the website of the specific banner itself.
  • Third-party gift cards
    In this case, gift cards bearing the brand of the banner issuing them are distributed by the Epipoli Group in large-scale retail chains and in all brick-and-mortar points of sale in which MyGiftCards are distributed, as well as on the Group’s digital platforms and via the B2B circuit (for loyalty programs, employee benefits, and engagement marketing).

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Activating a gift card: to each their own channel

The established value of the gift card can be used within the applicable circuit once the card has been activated. There are two main channels of activation:

Once purchased and activated, the gift card is ready to use up to its expiration date and does not necessarily need to be used in full in a single purchase transaction.

Not just creation, distribution and sale: reporting, too

HighWays comes standard with reporting and analysis functions, the content of which is established during setup (e.g. sales volumes, customers activated, etc.), and card data may be filtered (by period, day, point of sale, etc.).
In this way, when you create a gift card with Epipoli, you can use traditional and advanced statistical models to transform this data into marketing indicators that will enable you to better target your offerings to make them even more effective.

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