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Creating printable coupons: the MyCoupon digital platform

Creating printable coupons: the MyCoupon digital platform

The ability to create a digital coupon is an opportunity that is not to be missed. With MyCoupon, Epipoli gives businesses of all types the opportunity to generate digital coupons to be redeemed in store.

Creating printable discount coupons: MyCoupon by Groupalia

For businesses looking to give your customers the opportunity to use coupons to save on their purchases, Epipoli offers MyCoupon by Groupalia, the platform that the banners of retail groups can use for the generation and redemption of coupons. You are free to choose the amount of the discount to provide, the number of coupons to be issued, how they are to be used, and their validity period.
This is a major opportunity, a sort of bridge between the physical and the digital that enables us to bring the products of large-scale distribution into the homes of the two million subscribers to the weekly Groupalia newsletter.

MyCoupon, the section dedicated to digital coupons: what it is and how it works

With MyCoupon, businesses can create their own printable vouchers and publish them online, where they are easy for everyone to access. Coupons can then be used directly in store, making them an innovative drive-to-store solution.
Supported by a Valassis back end, the platform enables you to generate digital coupons for specific products or categories of product and manage the discount, validity, and number of coupons to issue as you see fit, while also being able to verify redemption rates on your own.
The platform’s front end is easy to use, making for a highly intuitive user experience:

  • Users access the MyCoupon page
  • They choose and print the coupons they want
  • They then use the coupons at an authorized store

This is system that has already been chosen by a great many banners, including retailers such as Italsilva, Pasta Garofalo, Parmareggio, MilMil, Cameo, Candia, Matt, Bonomelli, Amaro Lucano, Tomarchio, AlmoNature, Mars and Equilibra, just to name a few.

Creating your own online vouchers pays: the benefits of printable coupons

With this platform of digital and printable couponing with unique coupon coding, you can offer savings for your customers and have an efficient, secure, plug-and-play solution for retailers.
In this way, your customers will enjoy a closer relationship with your brand by providing a useful service in the form of coupons that are easy to get and to use, while you as a retailer will enjoy an increase in sell-out, in store traffic and, more importantly, in sales!

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