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Cashback with us: benefits for business and how it works

Cashback with us: benefits for business and how it works

Activating a cashback transaction with the Epipoli Group is quick and easy thanks to an intuitive platform that uses Mastercard prepaid cards.

Cashback: deferred discounts to increase sales and get to know your customers

The Epipoli Group, a leader in using fintech to increase engagement, provides solutions to businesses looking to increase engagement with their customers and reward them for their loyalty. One such solution is the cashback transaction.
This special type of transaction, which is a sort of deferred discount provided at a time and in the manner established by the card issuer, helps to promote products without impacting their price or their positioning.

What it means and how cashback works

More specifically, cashback is a tool of engagement that gives a percentage of what they spend back to them in the form of cash.
With our proprietary HighWays platform, we enable you to provide your customers with a partial rebate on their purchases in the form of a gift card or bank transfer of variable amount depending on the product purchased.
We help you to create your own portal, which will ensure an intuitive experience for the user.

The customer journey here is truly simple and involves just three steps:

  1. The customer purchases a product being promoted during the promotional period
  2. The customer visits the site and signs up in the area dedicated to the promotion and provides the necessary documents
    At this point, Epipoli customer service verifies the documentation and then disburses the cash back to the customer
  3. The customer receives the prepaid card with the look and feel of your business, and this card can then be used at all points of sale that accept Mastercard

By running a promotion in this manner, you both increase customer engagement and have the opportunity to improve user profiling, and you can then contact your customers in whatever way you deem to be the most appropriate.

Cashback with a Mastercard prepaid card: the one-of-a-kind solution by the Epipoli Group that enables customers to make purchases at a great many stores

As mentioned above, with Epipoli you can manage the cash to be given back to the customer by issuing a Mastercard prepaid card. The Epipoli Group is the first in Europe to launch a prepaid card on the Mastercard circuit. The card can be physical or digital, have a fixed or variable balance, and does not need to be linked to a specific account.
This Mastercard can be used at 36 million stores around the world and has no monetary value until it is activated with a PIN, making it the ideal tool for giving cash back to your customers, because they get a card that can be used just about everywhere without having to worry about whether a given store is involved in the initiative or not.

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