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How to organize a contest: Epipoli has the solution for you

How to organize a contest: Epipoli has the solution for you

A contest can be an excellent way to stimulate sales, to launch a new product or service, or to simply generate engagement with your brand. At Epipoli, we support your business throughout the process.

Contests: a marketing tool to organize and manage with care

Instant-win sweepstakes, prize drawings, and other forms of contest are excellent tools for businesses looking to reach engagement and sales targets over a well-defined, relatively short space of time, such as by increasing your presence in social media or giving a push to sell-out efforts.
A contest is an excellent way to engage with and get to know your existing customers and to attract new ones, so at Epipoli we offer you a full range of consulting services and an expert team to support you throughout the process—from contest design and rules to issuing the prizes and generating contest reports.

How to organize a contest: Epipoli’s turnkey solution

We provide you with a true turnkey solution, so once we have worked with you to determine the best strategy to reach your goals, our dedicated Epipoli Group team:

  • drafts the rules and handles the authorization process
  • develops and personalizes the contest-management platform
  • recommends the prizes
  • handles customer care
  • generates the reports

Your business can rely on our innovative technology built to meet all your needs of omni-channel marketing. With our proprietary HighWays platform, you get a customized package to create a contest that is best suited to your specific needs.
And that’s not all. At Epipoli, we also manage all aspects of the rewards process, which includes giving out one of the most sought-after prizes: the MyGiftCard Square.

Contests: from instant-win sweepstakes to talent competitions, the right solution for your business

At the Epipoli Group, we can help your business to organize all types of contests for your customers:

Instant-win sweepstakes

Contests in which participants find out immediately if they’ve won

Rush-and-win contests

Contests in which participants can win if they are the first to meet the conditions established in the rules of the contest.

Prize drawings

Contests in which there is a drawing process in order to determine the winner. There may be only one drawing or multiple drawings over time.


Contests in which participants need to perform a specific action in order to have a chance to win.

Talent competitions

Contests in which participants need to demonstrate a certain skill, such as singing or photography, in order to have a chance to win.

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