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Promotional Portal and consumer promotions: solutions

Promotional Portal and consumer promotions: solutions

Managing consumer promotions properly enhances both engagement and loyalty, so the Epipoli Group offers you a platform with which to create your own Promotional Portal.

Manage consumer promotions using a custom-designed portal: Promotional Portals

The Epipoli Group gives businesses looking to provide their customers with portal through which to run one or more promotions a full range of support services for the creation of a custom-designed promotional portal.
Thanks to our highly versatile proprietary platform known as HighWays, each portal is the result of a tailor-made project that supports you throughout the process, from concept design and portal implementation to legal matters and customer service, and on to distribution of the rewards and prizes.

How to create your own promotional portal with the help of the Epipoli Group

Epipoli projects are always tailor made to meet your specific business needs, and we help you through each and every stage of the process.
More specifically, the stages in which we support you in developing a promotional portal are as follows:

  • Definition of the type of initiative
  • Recruiting rewards providers and activating customer service: Epipoli is the best partner in rewards provision, not only through gift cards (for more information: The MyGiftCard catalogue with the best gift cards) and digital content, but also with physical products and iconic brands through strong partnerships
  • Management of customer service: with our extensive experience in customer service, Epipoli can handle both e-mail and other inbound requests
  • Legal matters: the Group drafts the rules, prepares all documents needed in order to start and end campaigns, and sees to all communications and other obligations with the competent authorities
  • Creation of platform campaigns: implementation of the sign-up form and online content
  • Kick-off: platform testing and flow simulation
  • Ongoing management: monitoring all phases of the initiative. Relations with the customer for communications on process progress
  • Reporting: sharing of dashboards in real time that businesses can consult whenever needed
  • Closure: sending rewards to the customer

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