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Rewards programs: Epipoli Group consulting and support

Rewards programs: Epipoli Group consulting and support

How is a rewards program organized? Learn more about our solution designed to meet all your marketing needs and objectives.

Rewards programs: what are the benefits?

Rewards programs are valid marketing tools that businesses can use in order to gain new customers and motivate existing ones. They are perfect for brands looking to carry out an initiative that is fast and easy to promote. Therefore, in order to manage a rewards program properly, you need to be able to meet marketing objectives, and to do this you need to be well aware of all the steps involved in setting up such a program. For this reason, the Epipoli Group provides businesses with a team of experts to support you every step of the way.

Organizing a rewards program with the help of Epipoli: a team that supports you from defining the rules to meeting all obligations

With Epipoli’s proprietary HighWays platform, we are able to give you a personalized solution geared to your specific business needs. Our team of experts will provide you with:

  • Concept
  • Dedicated platform and technology
  • Legal consulting and program rules
  •  Rewards, which can include our gift cards, historically one of the most appreciated reward options
    (For more information: The MyGiftCard catalogue with the best gift cards)
  • Customer care
  • Rewarding process
  • Reporting

In short, a full-service package to set up and implement a truly custom-designed consumer promotional campaign.

Rewards programs: the various options

When you implement a customer rewards program with Epipoli, you can choose from one of two options:

Defined-reward programs

Programs in which a reward is always granted when a customer purchases a specific product or combination of products or completes a specific action.

Member referral programs

Programs that are perfect for enhancing customer loyalty while attracting new customers and under which the customer gets a reward for referring a friend who then carries out a specific action.

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