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Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Programs: the Epipoli proposal

Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Programs: the Epipoli proposal

From the classic collection to exclusive clubs, investing in customers is the best way to retain them over time, delivering benefits and generating revenue for the company banner and brand.

Loyalty Programs: what are the objectives?

This powerful relationship marketing tool fosters Customer loyalty and attracts new customers with activities offered by the Signs and Brands, combining positive features to strengthen the brand attachment process. The goal of customer loyalty is, in fact, to achieve an increased feeling of belonging and satisfaction.
Relationship marketing projects then provide benefits, advantages or rewards from the sponsoring company.
It is therefore possible to work on both catalogue content and developing a cash back mechanism or even creating true exclusive clubs: a world of advantages – from discounts to concierge services, and gifts ranging from physical rewards to gift cards – for the best customers.
The goal is to foster an emotional relationship with the customer, to direct the target audience to activities that offer concrete benefits, and to establish a sense of belonging and exclusivity with the company.

Are loyalty programs profitable? Learn about all the benefits

An important investment that allows companies to get to know their customers and consumers and to come into direct contact with them. It guarantees the populating of a Customer Data Base, which will become real asset of the program. The opportunity to develop one-to-one marketing initiatives by establishing relationship histories with every user.
To communicate brand values, improve brand attachment, increases shop sales and purchases, and generate incremental revenue or high-value sales are just some of the advantages of a loyalty program.

Create a Loyalty Program with Epipoli’ consultation: a dedicated and well-rounded team

In fact, thanks to the HighWays proprietary platform, Epipoli can offer customized solutions to its customers that are tailored exactly to their needs. A team of experts will then provide a comprehensive consultation:

  • Concept definition
  • Technology and dedicated platforms
  • Legal advice and regulations
  • Data analysis and modelling, both Small Data and Big Data
  • Awards comprised of the group’s Gift Cards, historically one of the most loved prizes among Italian consumers
  • Customer care
  • Rewarding
  • Reporting

How design a loyalty program: our platform at your service

HighWays is a fully developed platform that allows, starting with knowledge of various individual consumer factors (purchasing behaviour, socio-demographic profile, communication preferences, web browsing…) effective and efficient engagement with consumers (for example, by activating the right channel at the right time, and with the right message) while putting the most advanced marketing tools to use to identify their needs and peculiarities, and the best way to communicate with them. The HighWays proprietary platform guarantees optimal management of complex, articulated projects, thanks to the scalability and modularity that guarantee greatest customization and simplicity.

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