omaggi ai dipendenti carta mastercard prepagata

Mastercard Business Prepaid card: the ideal tool for business incentive program

Mastercard Business Prepaid card: the ideal tool for business incentive program

A bonus for sale force teams and clients that is easy to distribute and always welcomed, give the freedom of choice in how to spend it: Mastercard Business is perfect for incentive plans

Incentive programs: choose Mastercard Business prepaid cards as bonuses

Incentives are certainly one of the activities that can contribute to improving company productivity and as such play a strategic role. Knowing the importance of production bonuses, Epipoli not only provides a team of experts to companies, along with the technology to create customized solutions for every need, but also offers the choice of bonuses with one or more cards, usable within the vast MyGiftCard catalogue. The card designed specifically for this purpose: the prepaid Mastercard Business card.

Mastercard Business prepaid card: the reward that brings everyone together

This innovative payment tool is perfect for incentive plans as well as for Cash Back Solutions and Reward Systems in general, allowing for services and goods purchases both online and offline within the entire international Mastercard network.
The Gift Cards thus amount to the best solution for building an incentive plan that sufficiently stimulates employees who appreciate easy to use rewards that can be freely spent while at the same time to can benefit from tax savings associated with using Gift Cards.

How to use the Mastercard Business prepaid card

This Card is available in amounts ranging from €25 to €400, and is truly easy to use: simply go to to activate the card, enter your pin number, and follow the instructions.
From the moment of activation, the Mastercard Business card can be freely used in various ways and in combination with other forms of payment.
Remaining balances are not reloadable, but you can check the balance at:

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