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Employee incentives: Epipoli cards and systems for your Reward Program dedicated to your staff

Employee incentives: Epipoli cards and systems for your Reward Program dedicated to your staff

Individual rewards and production bonuses for employees: discover Epipoli Group's incentive solutions and ideas. Choose one that suits you best

Employees incentive systems: the purpose of Incentives

Activating an easy-to-use incentive plan created specifically for business needs is a great way to encourage your sales force or your employees to increase productivity by meeting increasingly challenging goals.
Epipoli Group’s Incentive plans respond perfectly to a corporate teams’ motivational function, thanks to two important tools: the Evolvendo platform and Gift Cards, a prize that’s always been appreciated by employees, and one perfect for companies given the tax advantages they allow access to.

Staff rewards: Epipoli Incentives platform

Effective management of a sales network requires modern tools that foster a sense of belonging to the company as well as represent a visible sign of attention from management. For this reason, Epipoli recommends Evolvendo to companies, a web platform that allows advanced management of incentive and promotional activities, able to automate all required operations.
Thanks to a customizable, simple, and immediate interface, each user / employee can choose their rewards quickly, while each company can understand and choose how to encourage employees to achieve their sales targets and in turn obtain bonuses.
Managing production bonuses from relevant tax information to distribution is fast and easy with our platform
The Epipoli team manages all phases of the incentive plan, from the initial consultation to shipment of goods, by way of a technical and strategic platform development.

In detail, the Group experts will handle:

  • TAX INFORMATION: to understand the possible tax alternatives and advantages of different contract types, and to carry out fiscal and operational management of promotions and incentive campaigns.
  • PRODUCTS: a selection of rewards and points to allocate. Speed and competitive pricing are guaranteed, thanks to twenty years of trading experience
  • GIFT CARDS: a wide selection of Gift Cards to use at major chains of supermarkets, clothing, sport, and accessory stores, and petrol stations
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: domain management and customized web platform development
  • PERSONAL DATA MANAGEMENT AND VOUCHERS: product entry and product catalogue management, user data, and voucher points. Sending credentials to users
  • LOGIN MANAGEMENT: participants access the system with their user name and password, and independently oversee their activity status. The company can access back end systems to view reports, and download order totals and vouchers
  • ADVANCED USER AREA: here users can download their personalized documents, view the status of their orders and vouchers, and view their personal data
  • COMMUNICATION: platform communications management and customized downloads for each user; delivery of personalized newsletters and of orders status reports to the sales force
  • ORDERS AND LOGISTICS: management of orders and rewards logistics. Epipoli works with the leading national courier services to guarantee fast, accurate deliveries at affordable rates
  • REPORTING: purchasing trends and reaching objectives. Companies can independently can download a file containing orders status
  • CUSTOMER CARE: technical assistance is provided to clients regarding use of the platform and database and orders management. Assistance to users, via telephone or via the online contact form available on the platform

Employee incentive plan: 3 ideas for 3 incentive models

The Epipoli group offers three different systems for implementing an employee or sales force incentive plans:

Electronic Vouchers

Vouchers can be purchased to spend directly on our platform. Each voucher consists of an alphanumeric code, with personalized graphics and bonus points, and will be sent via email or regular mail.
Delivering bonus vouchers allows for large-scale rewards for users, while maintaining constant monitoring and enjoying a vast catalogue of prizes, without the need to purchase a customized platform.

Customized Web Platform

It is possible to request a platform with customized graphics,
distinguishing features, and domain. Each business can freely choose the type and customization level of the products to be included. Maximum freedom, guaranteed effectiveness.


Clients can request to rely on the internal platform, which users can access via authentication (login and password) and select rewards from the entire Evolvendo catalogue.

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