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Employee productivity bonuses: Gift Cards are the best solution for incentives

Employee productivity bonuses: Gift Cards are the best solution for incentives

Incentive plan for salespersons and employees: why gift cards are the best solution for individual rewards

Production bonuses: choosing Gift Cards for your incentive program works!

When it comes to staff incentive systems, establishing the right objectives is clearly important, yet just as essential is the choice of productivity bonuses.
Gift cards are an ideal solution, given their historical popularity with Customers, Agents and Suppliers, who are then motivated well. At the same time, they are also perfect for businesses given the benefit of tax exemptions.
Here are some detailed reasons for choosing Gift Cards as rewards for your incentive plan:

  1. They represent a signification motivational stimulus for reaching specific sales volume or coverage objectives over a limited time period
  2. They offer real gratification
  3. They can be personalized based on specific client needs
  4. They have a high perceived value among users
  5. They allow for considerable tax savings, since under the current tax legislation, bonuses awarded to employees or agents are deductible up to an amount equal to €258, and within this amount are not subject to taxation nor factor in employee incomes, resulting in savings for those who receive them.

Gift Cards as Incentives: Epipoli Group’s offer

Activating a staff incentive system with Epipoli Group’s proposed platform, Evolvendo, means not only having the technology and the support team necessary for locating and implementing solutions tailor-made to your needs, but also being able to provide Gift Cards as productivity bonuses, which can be chosen from the MyGiftCard catalogue.
Card activation is simple and immediate. They can be sent directly to users or used digitally for online shopping.
Several denomination amounts are available, depending on the chosen Gift Card and allowing you to choose from various bonus ranges.
Moreover, those wishing to give employees complete freedom over how to use their production bonus can include the Epipoli group’s prepaid Business Mastercard in their prizes catalogue, valid for goods and services within the international Mastercard circuit of shops and online via e-commerce sites.

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