MyWelfare Card

MyWelfare Card: The Employee and Fringe Benefits solution for all businesses

MyWelfare Card: The Employee and Fringe Benefits solution for all businesses

With their own dedicated platforms, Epipoli Gift Cards for Fringe and Employee Benefits are quick and easy solutions, ideal for satisfying employees.

Employee benefits and fringe benefits: with MyWelfare Card, the answer is just a click away

For SMEs, incorporating flexible employee benefits while meeting the obligations set by CCNL (National Collective Labour Agreement) or increasing employee commitment through company benefits provisions can be difficult tasks without a dedicated platform.
This is why Epipoli makes the MyWelfare Card available to companies, a card that each employee can convert into their preferred Gift Card, choosing from a wide catalogue selection that ranges from A for Amazon to Z for Zalando.
This easy and fast solution fully complies with the law, according to which the distribution of goods, services, projects, or assistance in the form of employee fringe benefits can be carried out via paper or electronic vouchers with an assigned nominal value.

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How Benefits distribution works with Epipoli

The MyWelfare Card is perfect for dispensing up to €258 to employees without taxation, leaving them free to choose which Gift Cards to convert into and, therefore, free to spend them both on and offline.
Requesting this tool for your company is easy, even for those who, as mentioned above, lack their own platform and simply need to place an order.
Simply contact us to place an order or receive a consultation.

MyWelfare Card: how to access the platform and receive Fringe Benefits

Once the MyWelfare Card is obtained for employees, using the benefits voucher is easy.

  1. Login to the platform at www.indirizzodefinitivoTBD
  2. Sign up using the code indicated on your card
  3. Choose your favourite Gift Cards and complete your purchase

After completing this process, the selected cards are ready for on and offline use, and everyone can then spend their benefits as they see fit.
It’s a truly simple process. H
ave a look at the MyWelfare Card platform and catalogue


Company benefits and vouchers: what it means to provide Employee benefits with Gift Cards

Fringe Benefits, and Employee benefits programs in general, are an unbeatable tool when it comes to making employees feel important and considered. Beyond the various obligation provisions of different CCNL groups (National Collective Labour Agreements), such as metal workers for example, benefits distribution remains a method for increasing employee involvement.
Precisely for this reason, Epipoli assists companies by providing an important opportunity: to give employees the chance to freely choose which voucher to purchase using the credit available to them.
Thanks to MyWelfare Card, every employee is free to convert their voucher into the type of Gift Cards he or she prefers, including food, fashion, fuel, and large-scale retail chains, thus benefiting from maximum freedom of choice.

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