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Employee Benefits: how they work and what to know about benefits vouchers in Italy

Employee Benefits: how they work and what to know about benefits vouchers in Italy

Benefits vouchers: from information on Article 51 legislative provisions to deductibility and specifications related workers groups (such as metalworkers), Gift Cards can (easily) resolve everything. Here's how it works.

Employee benefits: Gift Cards as a way to distribute employee vouchers and gift certificates

Interest in Employee benefits has grown in the past two years, and business have started to engage with Article 51 and all that it provides for. At the centre of this attention are undoubtedly Fringe benefits and Benefits bonuses provided by contracts of workers categories such as metal workers, telephone workers, goldsmiths etc.
How do Employee benefits work? How can they be distributed while enjoying available tax benefits? Who is involved?
Here, too, the Epipoli Group assists companies and proposes a smart solution thanks to the flexibility of the world of Gift Cards, which have long been meeting the needs of many targets: MyWelfare Card
Employee benefits, in fact, are comprised of a set of benefits and services designed to go beyond the mere monetary component of compensation to support employee incomes and improve employees’ private and work lives through vouchers or certificates that can be turned into Gift Cards .

Employee benefits and Fringe benefits: what are vouchers, where to spend them, how Article 51 works and what tax deductions it provides for

According to Article 51 of the Italian Tax Code companies may distribute up to €258.23 in Gift Cards, such as FOOD, fuel, and so on, for each employee. The 2016 Budget Law regulated additional benefits included in employee benefits plans, providing for the inclusion of goods, services or other forms (vouchers, cards, coupons) issued by the employer to all employees or to categories of employees.
Two points are fundamental:

Employee benefits and deductions limits

€258.23 per person. Fringe benefits do not form part of employee income if, within the current tax period, they do not exceed the maximum amount indicated. Otherwise, the entire amount will be included in the calculation of gross income and subject to tax and contributions.

Implementation methods and the role of Gift Cards

Businesses can autonomously choose which goods to distribute to employees (for example, Christmas baskets), or let the employee choose which goods to purchase by taking advantage of recognized Fringe Benefit opportunity to allow the employee enjoyment of all the Gift Card benefits.
For this reason Epipoli has created MyWelfare Card. Discover the platform and catalogue here:


Benefits for the metalworkers contract: how voucher distribution works, who is entitled to them, and how they can be spent

According to Article 51 of the Italian Tax Code, the new collective national contract for metalworkers of the groups Federmeccanica, Assistal, FIOM, FIM and UILM for the four-year period from 2016 to 2019 includes the following that must be noted:

  • The signed agreement includes a series of employee benefits, including the introduction of (also in the National Collective Labour Agreement) one portion of tax exempt income through Employee benefits, as an additional element to safeguard purchasing power, for a total of €450 distributed over three years: €100 from June 2017, €150 from June 2018, and €200 from June 2019.
  • This refers specifically to benefits to be paid to the entire workforce through the distribution of prepaid cards / shopping vouchers – Gift Cards – to be used in supermarket chains, fuel, transport and mobility vouchers, and other services.

Employee benefits and Gift cards: the perfect combination as well for companies without a platform

Gift Cards thus represent a great solution for distributing benefits vouchers or gift certificates which satisfy both legal requirements and employees’ need to enjoy benefits that bring a wide choice of varied product categories.

To meet the needs of individual companies, Epipoli Gift Cards are provided in two ways:

  • REQUEST MANUAL WITH ORDER FORM (dedicated Call Center available)

Gift Cards and Benefits vouchers: deductions and tax advantages

Companies choosing this path receive further incentives associated with tax incentives, which in this particular case fall within categories subject to tax reduction: theatre tickets, shopping coupons/vouchers, recreational holidays, medical check-ups and specialist visits, sports courses fees, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
How and where to spend Benefits? With Gift Cards, users are free to decide. Here are all the advantages
The principle characteristics of Gift Cards make them the ideal solution for distributing Benefits vouchers that actually improve employee’s lives and allow them free use of the cards. Details on why Gift Cards, gift vouchers and gift cards are perfect:

  • They provide immediate request and delivery
  • They can be personalized
  • Credit balances need not be used in a one-time transaction by the employee
  • They come in both digital and physical formats
  • They are secure
  • They offer exclusive terms

For more information:

  • Benefits vouchers for employees: why Gift Cards are perfect

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