Gift Cards for your business: an ideal, versatile solution

Gift Cards for your business: an ideal, versatile solution

For trade promotions, employee incentives, entertainment expenses, or corporate gifts, the Epipoli Group’s gift cards are always the perfect choice.

Gift Cards for employees: when and why you should use them

Epipoli gift cards can be the fastest, most convenient and most appreciated solution for employees in a variety of situations, such as for incentive programs or to provide other types of flexible benefits.
For this reason, we not only allow you the opportunity to work with a team of experts to create your own customized program, but also to buy the cards on your own.

From gifts to flexible benefits for employees: all situations when a gift card is the perfect thing

Gift cards are both much appreciated by those who receive them, because they give the freedom to choose what to buy and when, and often they give companies certain fiscal advantages.
Here are the main cases in which gift cards are the ideal solution:

Employee Benefits

  • Target: employees who are entitled to benefits vouchers or other flexible benefits
  • Legislation: Under Article 51 of the Italian Tax Code, companies are able to grant up to €258.64 in gift cards for food, fuel, other goods and services, or related vouchers, cards and coupons.

Trade Promotions

  • Target: distributors, dealers, buying groups, retail chains, independent stores, freelancers, agents.
  • Legislation: specific agreement with discount in kind recognized upon reaching a business objective.

Entertainment expenses

Target and legislation: Expenses incurred for promotional or public relations purposes that are of reasonable amount in relation to the generation of financial benefits for the company or where consistent with industry practice. [Ref. Italian Ministerial Decree of 19 Nov. 2008 – Ministry of Finance]

Corporate freebies and gifts

  • Target: Goods given without any intent to increase business, but only as a donation or for publicity.
  • Legislation: Expenses incurred for corporate gifts are deductible when the per-unit value is  €50 (VAT included). [Ref. Article 108(2) of Italian Presidential Decree 917/86]

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