Francesco Panizza

Francesco Panizza – Managing Partner

Francesco Panizza – Managing Partner

About Francesco Panizza, Managing Partner of the Group: interests, background and highlights of his career.

Francesco spent his first twenty years committed to his passion for sports.
After graduating with full marks in Business Administration in Venice, (Italy) he began his professional career in Marketing and Sales at the Henkel Groups, Finanziaria Internazionale, Nestlé Water, The Coca Cola Company and lastly at H.J. Heinz. Over the years, he gained extensive work experience in Italy, the United States, Europe and has held International Senior Executive positions. In 1998 he left the MBA program at New York University to take part in the Senior Management Program at Coca Cola University located in Atlanta.
In 2003 he realized that he had the necessary professional competencies to take the plunge into a new stage in his career as a stakeholder and started on his own or with other members and partners roughly twenty company development and corporate restructuring operations, mainly supported by institutional investors.
Since 2015, he has been a Managing Partner at the Epipoli Group and is a member of the Board of Directors of Epipoli and Groupalia.

He believes that Teamwork, Passion and Determination are key elements in achieving, at the very least, a good result.

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