Company Profile – From Polis to the City, towards the future

Company Profile – From Polis to the City, towards the future

From its founding in 2000 to today's successes, from customer engagement and Big Data platforms to prepaid services and Gift Cards: discover Epipoli's innovative offering and technology for companies.

Epipoli: from Polis to the City, our company in a nutshell

Epipoli, founded in 2000 by Gaetano Giannetto, owes its name to the district of Syracuse where Archimede lived, the famous scientist from whom he inherited his strong hankering for innovation which, in 2006, led him to introduce Gift Cards in Italy.
The Company is an international player in the financial technology (fintech) industry and holds a leadership position in the prepaid services and engagement systems market where it operates through two proprietary platforms: MyGiftCard, for the Prepaid channel, and HighWays for the Engagement channel.
In 2017 the company entered the world of couponing and deals thanks to the acquisition of Groupalia, the first company in the coupon market in Italy with seven thousand connected merchants and 2.5 million customers.
Vision, Innovation and Execution Capability are the key elements of Epipoli’s success and the many international awards received are the clear evidence of the company’s leadership abilities.
For more information: Epipoli’s awards

Our unique offering

Today, with our 250 partners in over 50,000 stores, including 5,000 large retailers, Epipoli’s omnichannel marketplace is the most advanced solution for the retail market, banks and service providers, representing the link between the digital world and the physical retail outlet.
At a time when a winning model has yet to be found for interaction between the digital and physical worlds, Epipoli provides the solution for companies wishing to interact with their customers through all touch points by advancing the model for generating customer benefits and rewards through the issuance of their own digital currency, i.e. Gift Cards. Using advanced innovative tools and technologies, with the support of the proprietary Highways platform, the Company helps companies wanting to implement gamification, affiliate, rewarding and coalition programmes using physical or digital cards.

HighWays: our modular and flexible platform

HighWays is a flexible and modular platform developed by Epipoli with over 12,000 days worked. It is a scalable integrated system to manage the complete customer engagement flow through the direct integration between its different modules and the transactional systems for store, web and mobile sales points.
It is the most advanced solution for activating and managing at the checkout counter and e-commerce platform, physical and digital Gift Cards for programs geared to consumers and B2B projects.

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