Highways - Our solution for Engagement Marketing

Highways is the Group’s proprietary platform, an advanced tool that allows, starting from the knowledge of every consumer, to engage him effectively and efficiently through the activation of the most advanced marketing tools to recognize the needs, peculiarities and best way to communicate with him.

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Che cosa è tecnologia Higways


The Awards that the Epipoli Group has collected over the years are the proof of the Group’s constant commitment to maintaining its standard high without losing its actitude to innovation.

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MyCoupon buoni sconto per la spesa

MyCoupon - the Group's platform to create printable coupons

Creating printable discount coupons: With MyCoupon by Groupalia, Epipoli gives businesses of all types the opportunity to generate digital coupons to be redeemed in store.

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Epipoli has always distinguished itself for its pioneering spirit that, today, has become our bearings.
The Group wants to keep its uniqueness into European market as the omni-channel market place able to offer the most advanced solution able to connect the digital touch point with physical stores.

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Vision Epipoli Group