Gift Card asssicurazione cane e gatto

Insurance gift cards from the Epipoli Group

Insurance gift cards from the Epipoli Group

The MyGiftCard world is not only made up of prepaid cards or gift cards: insurance cards also simplify the life of the consumer.

MyGiftCard: a card for any purpose, from gifts to insurance

The Epipoli Group has always been careful to anticipate and satisfy the needs of consumers: the variety of MyGiftCards available reflects the wide range of consumer needs that in recent years have been increasingly varied.
From the desire to give a gift, leaving the recipient free to choose, from the universal fuel card that makes it possible to save and issue a single monthly invoice, to Mastercard prepaid cards, the gift card world has gradually grown and would not be complete without a line of insurance cards.

A Gift Card to insure pets: the Cane e Gatto is fast with UnipolSai MyGiftCard

In 2018, MyGiftCard launched a first in the prepaid cards market: Cane&Gatto Is Fast, the first card designed to insure your four-legged friends, created in cooperation with UnipolSai.
This truly unique product is designed for those who want to enjoy a worry-free year in the company of their pet. Two formulas are available:

  • Easy Formula with the UnipolSai policy (€30 taxes included): offers legal protection for up to €3000 for damage caused or suffered, accommodation in a kennel in case the pet owner is hospitalised, along with a 24/7 vet helpline.
  • Extra Formula with the UnipolSai policy (€130 taxes included): in addition to the above coverage, it also includes the use of coverage up to €1000 for expenses relating to any surgery on your pet, including tests and visits.

That’s not all: MyGiftCard thinks of everyone and it also allows you to book a personal advisor using the Gift Card as a prepaid credit, deducting from the card the amount for a new insurance policy offered by the UnipolSai Group, including cars, motorcycles, homes, accident, and health.

Insurance Gift Card: a story that started with Europe Assistance

This is not the first time that the Epipoli Group has launched a prepaid card linked to insurance services. Ten years ago, Epipoli introduced “Insurance in a Box”, developing the first self-service insurance policies that were distributed through the agency network. Among the products that have marked the history of MyGiftCard, are cards created in collaboration with Europe Assistance: four cards designed to meet household needs (locksmith, plumber, electrician, repairman) and three dedicated to health (paediatrician, domestic help, elderly assistance).

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