MyGiftCard Square: the key to a world of Gift Cards

MyGiftCard Square: the key to a world of Gift Cards

Not sure which Gift Card to pick? You can't go wrong with the MyGiftCard Square. Find out how to get Gift Cards from the best brands in just one click.

Discover MyGiftCard Square, the perfect gift card

Is it better to give an Amazon or Foot Locker gift card? Or maybe a Coin or Feltrinelli gift card? Sometimes even the people we think we know best surprise us and we discover that the gift that seemed perfect for them turns out to be a huge disaster. For this reason, sometimes giving a Gift Card does not give you enough freedom to choose, since you are not sure about which brand of prepaid gift card to pick. What should you do in this case? A universal Gift Card would be the perfect solution!
Impossible? Nope, not really: Epipoli, with my MyGiftCard Square, has solved the problem for those who want to give the recipient the freedom to decide, and has created a digital prepaid card that can be converted to cards for use with large name brands.

How activate MyGiftCard Square: here’s how you can use it

Using MyGiftCard Square is simple: just buy it, log on to the dedicated website, and select the Gift Cards belonging to your favourite brands until your credit runs out.
The operation is made even simpler in that it is a scalable, cumulative, non-reloadable prepaid card that is anonymous.
Many brands are available to those who buy MyGiftCard Square: Amazon, Auchan, Coin, Decathlon, Foot Locker, Game Stop, Feltrinelli, MAC , Oviesse, and many others.
This product of Epipoli’s is indeed a proper key to accessing a world of Gift Cards to discover, from shopping to prepaid petrol.

Where to find MyGiftCard Square: where to buy the card

MyGiftCard Square is only available for purchase online. You can buy it on and on
After purchase, you can convert it into the Gift Card of your choice, selecting from all the large name brands featured on the website.

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