Carta prepagata Mastercard digitale

Mastercard Web prepaid card: the solution for safe online shopping even without a bank account

Mastercard Web prepaid card: the solution for safe online shopping even without a bank account

A single-use prepaid card, not registered in the bearer's name, and activated with a PIN: what it is and how it works, perfect also for business, teens and travels.

Prepaid card for online purchases: the Epipoli Mastercard Web Card does not require a bank account

A single-use, anonymous prepaid card, preloaded and non-reloadable, that is cost-effective and available in various amounts for safe online shopping, and no need to worry about incurring an unmanageable overdraft if the card gets stolen. In a nutshell, the Epipoli Group’s Mastercard Web prepaid card is the perfect solution for adults and young people of all ages, even minors, to shop online, which in all respects is compliant with law.
The card can be activated without a bank account and is not connected to any bank account. The prepaid card allows you to shop safely on e-commerce sites that accept Mastercard as a form of payment, allowing those who use it to shop at diverse retail chains such as Zalando, Feltrinelli, Desigual, Ikea, Zara, H&M, and Decathlon, just to name a few.

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The Epipoli Prepaid Mastercard Web Card: how it can be activated

Using the Mastercard Web Prepaid Card is simple: simply activate the card online at:
and log in to your favourite e-commerce site where it can be used just like any other prepaid card.
You do not need to spend the entire amount on the card: the prepaid card can be used until the credit (non-reloadable) is completely used up. You can check the balance at:
It can also be combined with other forms of payment.

Where to buy the Epipoli Mastercard Web Prepaid Card

Buying this prepaid card is really simple. You can get it at any of the following retail chains: Auchan, Carrefour, Simply, Conad, Pewex, Despar, Esselunga, Eurospar, Il Gigante, InterSpar, GameStop, La Feltrinelli, Supermedia, Tigros and Trony.

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To buy a card, just choose the amount that best suits your needs (The Mastercard Web Prepaid Card is available in amounts of €30, €75, €150) and bring it to the check-out counter where you can pay for it in the same way you would pay for any other product.

Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card for teen, business and travel: everything you need to know

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