Carta prepagata Mastercard fisica e digitale

One time use Prepaid card to make purchases online and in stores: the Epipoli Mastercard

One time use Prepaid card to make purchases online and in stores: the Epipoli Mastercard

The prepaid, non-reloadable, anonymous Epipoli Mastercard, allows you to make purchases online and in stores even without a bank account and is completely compliant with the law: what is it, how, and why it can be used in replacement of a credit card.

The one time use Prepaid Mastercard: the card to shop online and in stores even if you don’t have a bank account

Giving or buying for yourself the freedom to make purchases with a single-use, non-reloadable prepaid card is a convenience that many, especially people who do not have a credit card or who would rather not give one to young people (especially minors!), cannot do without.
Having a prepaid card, in fact, is useful for everyone: from travelling students, parents who send their children on a holiday abroad, to those who want to activate a subscription or make purchases online but do not want to leave their credit card details exposed, and finally, to those who prefer not to have their prepaid account connected to their bank account.
To meet all these needs, the Epipoli Group created the Prepaid Mastercard, the perfect solution for making secure, anonymous international transactions, both online and offline, available in different amounts (€25, €50, and €100).
No need to buy a prepaid card for every big brand: the Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card can be used in 36 million stores (Feltrinelli, Zalando, Ikea, Apple, and Zara, just to name a few), making it perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself, even for everyday shopping.

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Prepaid cards for business, kids and travel: the Epipoli Group Mastercard is non-reloadable, but you do not have to spend it all at once on a single purchase

You can use the Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card as an ATM or credit card (provided you keep in mind that is always a debit card) for all payments. Simply activate the card online at:

and then choose whether to use it in stores or to make online purchases at your favourite e-commerce sites.
Your balance, which is non-reloadable, can be combined with other forms of payments and can be used for a period of 12 months starting from the activation date on the entire Mastercard circuit by the expiry date.
It is not necessary to spend the entire amount on a single purchase. In fact, the card is only considered disposable because once its balance is used, it cannot be recharged.

The Prepaid Mastercard: how to check your balance

It’s important to keep your remaining balance under control. You can easily check your balance on the prepaid card at:

Where to buy the Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card

Buying this single-use prepaid card is very easy, as it can be found in many popular retail outlets.
In fact, it is possible to buy the Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card from one of the MyGiftCard display racks available at the following retail chains: Auchan, Carrefour, Simply, Conad, Pewex, Despar, Esselunga, Eurospar, Il Gigante, InterSpar, La Feltrinelli, Supermedia, Tigros, and Trony.
To purchase it, just bring it to the check-out counter where you can pay for it in the same way you would pay for any other product.

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The Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card: useful information

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