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Prepaid card for travel in Europe and around the world: the Epipoli Mastercard is international

Prepaid card for travel in Europe and around the world: the Epipoli Mastercard is international

Are you looking for an international prepaid card to travel or safely shop with? The prepaid section of the MyGiftCard catalogue is the way to go.

International prepaid card for travel: with Epipoli, carry all the practical advantages of Mastercard with you

Choosing a prepaid card to take with you abroad is not easy: the fear of theft and loss are always lurking, not to mention the problem of validity in foreign countries.
The Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card is perfect in these situations because it is comparable to having a virtual wallet that is internationally valid, easy to activate, safe to use, and in turn, a perfect payment instrument to give to minors while on holiday or studying abroad.
After it is activated, the prepaid card can be used both online and in all the stores around the world that use the Mastercard circuit. The amount charged to the card does not need to be used all at once for a single payment solution, but it must be used no later than 12 months after it is activated (the balance can always be checked on the website).

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Prepaid Card for travel: solve all your problems with the Mastercard from the MyGiftCard catalogue

Choosing the Epipoli group prepaid card abroad guarantees your security and allows you to take advantage of numerous benefits because the Prepaid Mastercard is:

  • Single-use
  • Not registered (anonymous)
  • Has a fixed deadline indicated on the front of the card
  • Cannot have a negative balance
  • Non-reloadable, but can be combined with other forms of payment
  • Available in different amounts: from € 25, € 50 and € 100
  • Valid at more than 36 million stores
  • It can be used at all retailers that offer the Mastercard circuit and online at e-commerce sites that accept Mastercard as a form of payment, thus ensuring maximum privacy and safety for online and offline purchases.
  • If the card is used for a transaction in a currency other than the one it was issued for, the amount deducted from the available balance will be the amount of the transaction converted into your account’s currency based on the exchange rate in effect for the circuit on the date in which the successful transaction was made.
  • In the case of theft or loss, the card can be blocked by contacting our customer service.

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Prepaid travel card for under 18: solve all your problems with the MyGiftCard Mastercard

Using a prepaid Mastercard guarantees privacy and security for parents because the card is disposable, cannot be used to withdraw cash from the ATM, and allows young people to gain greater independence and learn to manage their savings while abroad.

The Prepaid card that you can use abroad: the Epipoli Mastercard is international

The Epipoli Group MyGiftCard Mastercard is a perfect prepaid card for smart travellers, those who don’t want to carry a card linked to their bank account so they don’t have to worry about scams or theft, for those who feel safer without carrying too much cash in their wallets, and, as mentioned, for minors travelling abroad. In fact, the Mastercard circuit allows you to use the card anywhere in the world, from London to the USA.

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