Carta prepagata giovani studenti minori 18 anni

Prepaid card for under 18: here’s why the Epipoli Mastercard is also suitable for kids

Prepaid card for under 18: here’s why the Epipoli Mastercard is also suitable for kids

The Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card is perfect for teens and kids: safe and disposable, it's ideal for trips abroad and small expenses.

Prepaid card for kids and students: the Epipoli Mastercard is the ideal solution

The Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card from the MyGiftCard catalogue is an anonymous, single-use, non-reloadable card, that is perfect for travel, subscriptions, and online and offline purchases, and even for young people who are under 18 years of age.
The Epipoli Mastercard is perfect for young people, even minors, who are on holiday or studying abroad because:

  • It is not connected to a bank account
  • You do not need to spend it all at once
  • It is available in different amounts: €25, €50 and €100
  • The balance is easy to check by logging on to the site, allowing you to monitor expenses
  • It is not registered in the bearer’s name, and is therefore anonymous, making it perfect for privacy

For more information about the product:

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Prepaid card for young people: the Mastercard for people under 18, ideal as a gift or for everyday use

Not only for travel, the prepaid Mastercard can be used in everyday life and even by people under the age of 18.
Young people can use it to purchase subscriptions to platforms like Netflix, to get meals delivered to their doorstep, as well as to buy a gift online or offline safely, since there is no risk of overspending with the Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card: once the amount on the card has been used, the card is no longer valid.
This MyGiftCard product is a valuable tool to teach young people the value of their purchasing power because it teaches them to manage their savings by substituting the Epipoli Mastercard for cash, changing the perception of the spending power that young people have at their disposal. For their parents, it is an excellent solution for:

  • Empowering young people and making them more independent
  • Avoiding having to continuously withdraw money
  • Easily control spending

Prepaid card for under 18: Epipoli Mastercard is international

Are your children headed abroad to study or travel?
The Epipoli prepaid Mastercard is the perfect gift that can be used by everyone, including minors and young adults who have already turned 18 years old, since it is not registered in the bearer’s name and can be used for online and offline purchases internationally and around the world, from London to the USA, thanks to the Mastercard payment circuit that is valid in over 36 million shops.
The Mastercard prepaid card is single-use and not linked to a bank account, so in the case of theft or loss, there are no risks because the loss is limited to the amount charged to the card.

Epipoli Mastercard prepaid card: how to activate and use the MyGiftCard card and what you can buy with it

To use the prepaid Mastercard, you need to activate it by connecting to the site and then choose whether you want to spend the balance in stores or use it to make purchases online, in Italy or abroad, or, perhaps, to order dinner at home when mom and dad are not around, or to buy extensions for the latest video game.
The card is non-reloadable, but it can be combined with other forms of payment. It must be used within the 12 months following its activation and by the expiry date indicated on the card. It does not necessarily have to spent all at once to make a single purchase.
Finally, as mentioned, you can check the residual balance at

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