carta carburante multimarca MyGiftCard

The MyGiftCard Carburante reloadable prepaid card: save time and money!

The MyGiftCard Carburante reloadable prepaid card: save time and money!

The electronic multi-brand fuel card: with the MyGiftCard Carburante you can fill your tank at all stations and handle electronic invoicing.

MyGiftCard Carburante: what is the Epipoli Group’s electronic fuel card?

The Epipoli Group has always looked for innovative solutions to simplify the lives of consumers. For this reason, it retired its fuel card on January 1st, 2019, creating MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card in its place. It is an electronic fuel card, reloadable and accepted almost everywhere, as it is valid at all Esso, Eni, IP, Q8, Tamoil, and unbranded fuel stations allowing for the issue of one single electronic invoice quickly and easily at the end of the month.
This prepaid card is an authentic payment method that allows companies and freelancers to:

  • improve and simplify management of fuel consumption
  • take advantage of excellent savings (with the possibility to choose the closest petrol station)
  • simplify VAT and cost deductions

All of this is made possible by using a product that is compliant with the legislation introduced by the governmental budget laws of 2018 (no. 205, dated 27/12/2017), which provides for the elimination of the paper fuel log, the obligation of electronic payment, and the issuance of an electronic invoice.

Using the prepaid reloadable fuel card is easy: how to use the MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card

The MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card works at all the service stations (full service and self-service), including methane and LPG stations, that accept Mastercard.
It is a fuel card that is truly universal, as it is valid not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe, like with any debit or credit card.

Who needs a multi-brand fuel card? Who the MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card is designed for

The Epipoli group’s prepaid fuel card was designed for both freelancers and small businesses, as it simplifies VAT and cost deductions while guaranteeing compliance with the new regulations for both medium and large enterprises, keeping costs under control using one platform.

The MyGiftCard reloadable prepaid fuel card: how much it costs

MyGiftCard Carburante has an annual cost of €20 (VAT included) for each card, including production and service management platform costs. There is a 2% fee every time you top up the card. The cost is directly proportional to actual consumption and there are no hidden costs.

Where to purchase the MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card

It’s easy to purchase the MyGiftCard Carburante fuel card: you can find it in Italy at Esselunga, Il Gigante, Despar, Interspar and Eurospar.
For more information:

Where to buy Gift Cards and Epipoli cards: retailers

Or request a card online by filling out the form found here:

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