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With Cane e Gatto MyGiftCard, Epipoli Gift Cards in Italy are now available at pharmacies

With Cane e Gatto MyGiftCard, Epipoli Gift Cards in Italy are now available at pharmacies

Buying a gift card to suit your needs just got easier: UnipolSai insurance cards for cats and dogs are now available in pharmacies.

Thanks to the UniPolSai MyGiftCard, you can now purchase cat and dog insurance at pharmacies

As all cat and dog owners know, furry-friends are as much as a part of the family as the people who love and take care of them. This is why the Epipoli Group’s Gift Card catalogue could never be complete without a special card for pets and a whole new distribution channel: pharmacies.
Buying the Cane e Gatto is fast UniolSai MyGiftCard to insure your pets is easy as easy can be: simply ask for it at one of the many pharmacies in Lombardy and, soon, all over Italy.

The Gift Card you can buy at pharmacies: an increasing number of sales points to meet your many needs

The opportunity to buy the Cane e Gatto is Fast UnipolSai MyGiftCard for cats and dogs at pharmacies reflects Epipoli Group’s desire to better satisfy the needs of customers who have increasingly less free time and a lot more things to do.
For the reason, there is a growing number of MyGiftCard corners and products being offered in the area: being present at all places that people “have to” visit as part of their regular life is a great way to give customers the possibility to enjoy Epipoli brand products without having to go out of their way.
After supermarkets, shopping centres, newsagents, banks and tobacco shops, we couldn’t but include pharmacies.
This makes take caring of four-legged friends and properly protecting them even easier, faster and accessible.

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